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Big Bear, CA

During my first run down the mountain. After crying of course. took me about 30 minutes to meet Erick at a certain part of the mountain

A few weeks before our wedding, my cousin Sherilee, and Fred talked about putting together a weekend trip to Big Bear with the eagle rock cousins. Of course, Erick jumped right on it since he hasn’t hit the slopes since we have been together. Our snow trip was planned a few week after our honeymoon.

It was our first snow trip together as a couple, EVER, and my first time snowboarding EVER. You would think i’ve been snowboarding because living in Sacramento, Tahoe is just a drive up 80 & my friends from college would always rent a cabin for the weekend… but ANYWAYYYSSS…. Saturday morning after bFast, Erick, May, & I headed to Snow Summit to check in and have everyone else meet us there.

I believe I got “tricked” to going into the intermediate slope instead of the bunny slopes aka beginner slope. May and Erick told me what to do once the lift gets to the top, and of course, I fall. The first, maybe 5 feet, I was doing pretty good considering I’ve never done this before.  They both told me what to do and how to love. I got up and I tried to do what they said and I somewhat got the hang of it… Until I got cocky and landed on my tail bone hard.

Erick was in front of me watching and my cousin May was off to the side waiting for us. When I landed on my tail bone, I told myself not to cry… And I just breathed through the pain. I managed to get myself up and to try to do it again.

Erick could tell I was getting frustrated and I could tell he wanted to claw his eyes out because I was too afraid of falling again. He tried to hold my hand and do the heel toe falling leaf thing but my board got out of control and I fell again, on my tail bone and that hurt like HELL!

When I fell the second time, I cried. I just couldn’t get it!!! I’m sitting there watching all these people whiz past me and I can’t even get one little thing right! I was in pain, frustrated, & losing confidence in myself. Erick kept telling me to not be afraid and just to remember what he told me. As much as I wanted to do what he said, I was afraid and scared!

It got to the point where I was basically crawling down the
slope. I told Erick to leave me and I’ll meet him down somewhere in the mountain. It was the only way for me to learn how to do it. Plus it as the only way I was going to get down the mountain. Not only did I want to prove to myself that I can do it, I wanted to m
ake Erick proud of me!

There was plenty of times when I wanted to give up and just take the red sled back down… But I didn’t want too. I wanted to fight with Erick and argue about why I am here and how I don’t like snowboarding or wanting to do this, but I didn’t. I made myself remember… We are married. I’m going to do things he likes and try to like and learn them too. I want him to be proud of me. I wanted to face my fears.

So what did I do? I took all that strength inside of me and the knowledge Erick brought on to me and used everything to get me to where he was at.

I saw people go down and taught myself how to do the falling leaf ever so slowly. It may have taken m 2 and a half hours to get through my first slope… But considering it was my first time EVER on a snowboard and on an intermediate slope… I did pretty damn good! I went on the same slope one more time and built up much more confidence!

Going to Big Bear made me realize to value the relationship and trust I have with Erick. It may have been a small thing, but to me it was HUGE! He was patient with me as I cried out my frustration and he believed in me as I believed in him. Crazy how things go that way (:

xo, mrs. jCas


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