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Cancun, Mexico

selfie with the Caribbean sea from our balcony

For our honeymoon, We went to Cancun, Mexico and stayed at an all adult, all inclusive resort.  Best decision I made!!!  It was nice being with each other and not having to deal with everyone’s children having a melt down or running a mock around the resort.

Our hotel was located in Hotel Zone and had an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea & the Lagoon.  The Caribbean Sea was as clear blue and dark blue as I could ever imagine! The water was so warm i could be my mermaid self for hours! The sand on the other hand is a different story. Wind + sand is the most brutal thing

EVVVEERR!! it definitely was a battle field because the sand wasn’t fine sand, it was grainy sand.

We stayed at Secrets The Vine Cancun, which is an all adult, all inclusive hotel in Hotel Zone.  Its about  a 10 minute bus ride to Mercado 28 & a 5-8 minute bus ride to Playa Delfin. The hotel provides 24 hour room service, a spa, out door pools, plenty of lounge chairs outside, 3 out door bars, 1 out door restaurant, hot tub, and all of the outdoor activities is just a few steps from the beach.  Inside the hotel, there are 6 restaurants to choose from.  Our favorite was the Asian restaurant & the Italian restaurant for dinner. and their breakfast buffets were delicious! I was all about the chilaquiles 🙂  Some of the restaurants had a dress code, so i was lucky enough to had pack a few “dress up” clothes rather than all beach and casual clothing.

The staff there are AMAZING! and when i mean amazing, they are TRULY amazing. Their service from room service, turn down service, restaurants, pool service, and everything in between… 100% service!

Pano from one of the hotel decks
Sunrise at Playa Delfin


Our first full day in Cancun, we took a bus to Xcaret which is outdoor nature park.  This park has a lot of culture, entertainment, food, & activities. Bring a pair of extra clothes & your own water shoes.  Swimsuits are a must and bring lots of sunblock.  Walking shoes are needed, but i was wearing sandals and a dress.  Our admission included a lunch buffet, underground river, & transportation to and from our hotel.  Erick & I paid an extra do the underwater walk with the sting rays and fish.  They even have hammocks around the park to take a nap, which we took advantage of.  This park is also very family friendly and a must do! Highly recommended!


Chichen Itza

Our second full day in Cancun, we took a tour bus to Chichen Itza, The tour bus picked us up from our hotel and we were provided with a breakfast and great information about Chichen Itza & its history.  Good walking shoes is recommended for the tour, as well as a hat and sunblock! I wished i brought a paper fan, but oh well. It was extremely hot and humid at Chichen Itza,   We were given a few hours to explore the ruins & our tour guide even gave us more information and history about the ruins.  We even saw cenotes, which are AMAZING!

The tour even provided a buffet lunch and we got to explore the city of Valladolid and we had a chance to explore the city.  We ended up buying a few souvenirs and clothes. We ended the day at one more cenote and trucked back to our hotel which was about a 2-3 hour drive or so.



Our third full day in Cancun, we got picked up by the bus to go to Xplor.  It is an adventure park where you absolutely get wet! water shoes are a must and a change of clothes & a towel is needed.  They provide a life vest, key to your locker, and a helmet for safety. The helmet is very much needed because parts of Xplor is in a cave with low “ceilings” or whatever they are called.  Water shoes are definitely  a must because again, you are in a cave and reef and whatever those are can hurt you. Erick and i got banged up doing the underground river.

There’s a lot of options to do, form zip lining, ATV & paddling. Buffet lunch is also provided and included in admission and hammocks to chill and take a nap. After we did one round of all the activities, we decided to call it quits.  It was so gloomy & cold, and we were hating the weather.  So after lunch, we decided to get change out of our swim and into our regular clothes and nap in the hammock for a few hours until it was time to head back.


28 Mercado

From Secrets The Vine, it was only a 3 minute walk to the bus stop.  For the both of us was only 40 pesos to have them take us to Mercado 28.  Mercado 28 is a place where you can do some shopping for souvenirs and grab some good local food! Its a good place to bargain your souvenirs as well since most vendors have the same thing. We were able to get 2 boxes of cigars at a cheaper price than 3 vendors down the way.

In their little food court area, I was bombarded by the greeters trying to get me to eat at their spot.  They hand you their menu and more just keep coming. Its very overwhelming and i couldn’t take it, so i let Erick decide.  We ate at one of the first ones that we came across. the food was so good!!


Other Activities 

Other things we did, we participated in the super bowl on the beach.  Our hotel had a big screen out on the sand with comfy chairs and had the Super Bowl playing.  Food was provided (buffet style) and even made a little football stadium, out of chips and sandwiches.

We also rented jet skiis that were out on the beach just a few feet from our hotel.  It was cheaper for us to pay in pesos than in USD. we were givin our range of how far we can go out.  It was as far out as long as you can still see the shore and three hotels to the left of our hotel and another three hotels to your right.

Til next time 🙂

xo, mrs.jCas


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