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South Rim – Grand Canyon, AZ

South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ – The spot where I almost slipped and fell to my death

For my 30th birthday, I wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. I looked into one day turn around tours that left from Las Vegas and found one with great reviews. I booked through Grand Canyoun Tours for Erick & I to go to South Rim Grand Canyon. The bus picks you up at the hotel you are staying at, but since we stayed with my aunt and uncle for the weekend, we drove to Planet Hollywood and got picked up there.

The tour comes with a free breakfast snack, water, coffee, & tea. During the drive over to South Rim, we stopped at a dinner for a 15 minute stretch & restroom break and again for a buffet lunch that was included with our admission price for the tour.

When we got to South Rim, there was an option to hike the trail along the rim from Mather Point all the way to Bright Angel Point, or to take the bus to all three available points. I wanted to hike the trail along the rim despite the rain and hail. I’m blessed to have a husband who is as adventures as I am. A little rain and hail storm won’t slow me down (: I was afraid for my Sony camera though. I kept it zipped up in my jacket when another wave of rain and hail came crashing down.

Along the hike, I LITERALLY almost slipped and fell to my DEATH! It didn’t help that the guy who also was on this particular cliff was hella rude when I slipped and fell, but whatever. I am alive and not dead! The hike was a little under a 5k and so many different levels, but in so glad we both got to hike it. The view was so amazing! Pictures of South Rim Grand Canyon does not do it any justice of the beauty that it is!

I hope one day we get to visit the other rims & possibly hike and stay the night there. One day (: until then…

xo, mrs. jCas


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