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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Hollywood

The organization I work for, Kaiser Permanente, gave all its employees an opportunity to experience  Harry Potter World aka “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” before the grand opening. It was deemed “Kaiser’s Family Fun Night” and I was able to get tickets for myself, my husband, my cousin, & her boyfriend at a discounted rate.

We were able to enter the park around 6pm and got to stay after the park closed! So everyone after 8pm were just Kaiser Employees, friends, & family with the special VIP badge. Without the badge, you weren’t able to stay after 8 or see Harry Potter world AT ALL!

We each all purchased interactive wands, however I was 90% close to buying just a regular wand. The interactive wands are about an extra 30$ than the regular wands. But for that extra 30$ you are able to go around the park and cast spells by at the windows along Hogsmede. The rides were fun and amazing! Especially the ride inside Hogwarts! Word to the wise: Do NOT eat before the ride. It will guarantee make you dizzy and possible vomit! That was my favorite ride, but I wouldn’t go on it after eating even if it doesn’t flip you upside down.

The roller coaster there was a smooth and short ride, but it was fun to ride. We also had butter beer and walked around Hogsmede and cast spells around the area. Since this section of Universal is fairly new, I would purchase the early entry into Harry Potter World to beat the crowds and enjoy the area with lesser people.

Until next time…

xo, mrs. jCas


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