Keeping Up With the Castillo's

La Jolla Elementary

We officially have a middle schooler, y’all! Today Erielle had her 5th grade promotion at La Jolla Elementary in Moreno Valley, CA. They had the cutest ceremony including the full song “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars that the graduates sang to their parents, family, & friends!

Next year, she’ll be walking to school, but luckily the middle school is literally across the the street from the house. Erielle is already excited that she can wake up to the last minute and just go to school instead of walking up early. lol oh the simple joys in life!

She already inquired how she’ll be getting her schedule for next year and how to pick her classes. ugggghhh. LOL. OH MAH GAAAHHH! I cant believe its actually happening.

Erick, her mom, & myself are so happy and proud of Erielle! Such a bittersweet feeling & we can’t believe we have a middle schooler on our hands!!! I know she’s gonna do GREAT in school! We love you so much, Erielle!



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