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You are a guest in their marriage and a guest in their home. You have to fold into their rules and their lives if you want to be welcomed there. – Dr. Phil

Whether it is my in-laws or my husband’s in-laws, same rule will always apply. We do not favor anyone no matter what the circumstance is.

The biggest thing we want out of our in-laws is RESPECT. Family or not, if we can’t even get that respect, you are not welcomed. The most stand out advice I have gotten since I’ve been with Erick these last 4 years was, “They are your in-laws. You don’t have to like them, or talk to them… Just respect them.

When I started planning our wedding & right after the wedding, I saw where that respect goes for me, my husband, together as a whole, and in our home. A lack of respect is a lack of boundaries.

Point blank.

xo, the mrs


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