Eyebrows on FLEEK

Microbladed eyebrows are becoming a “thing” nowadays and it’s AMAZING! I had the opportunity to get my eyebrows microbladed in July by Binx and it has been the best decision i have ever made. My eyebrows are fuller and more natural.  It also saves a lot of time getting ready. My husband would concur on that. I feel like I have to wait on HIM now. haha!

So what is microblading or what is microbladed eyebrows, you say?  It is a technique that is used to create & mimic hair strokes with a blade of really fine row of needles. The technique is semi-permanent could last you form 1-3 years upon touch ups. Each stroke makes your eyebrows more fuller and defined.

When I went in for my initial procedure, i had no idea what to expect.  All i knew was it was something sharp and its gonna be semi permanently on my face. I have my shares of tattoos on my body in places where it hurts, but this pain is something I cannot describe.  Well, maybe I can.  Binx put a local anesthetic on my brows to numb the area. That feeling was like… you need to sneeze but it wont come out and it makes your eyes watery.

The actual procedure,  didnt feel any kind of pain, but more of a discomfort.  The discomfort wasn’t my whole body, but specifically my arms & elbows!  As much as i was talking and all relaxed, there was just something that triggered to where I was in discomfort.  I just wanted to push and shove her away from my face and just do some crazy dance to loosen it up. Everyone’s pain threshold is different, so my experience could be totally something different to what you may feel, if you ever decide to get it done, (which I believe everyone should lol).

Two weeks ago, i went for my touch up and I’m in LOVE more than i was the first time! My eyebrows are currently healing right now, but I love the way how they are healing. My eyebrows look more fuller and natural. I actually have one more touch up, but I def don’t mind.

This above photo are my eyebrows before and after microblading.  The left photo collage are how my eye brows before threading, after threading, & when filled in.  The middle collage photo is my initial microblade session.  As you can see there is a BIG difference between my before and after. My eyebrows are more fuller & natural looking.  I also opt to not have the middle (towards the center of my nose) microbladed so i can fill it in as I please on a day to day basis. The photo all the way to the right next following day after i got my eyebrows microbladed.


For my touch up session, I went for a higher arch, fuller more natural look using a different technique, & filled in the center.  I also went with a darker tone, so upon healing its a little darker than my natural eyebrow hair color.  I absolutely LOVE this look and I love the shape and how it turned out.

The after care for microblade is pretty simple.  The first 3 days are easy, but the next 7 days are a little torturous.  if you have tattoos, it is the same feeling when its healing. You get that itchy irritated feeling where you want to scratch it, but its best NOT too cause the pigment and the scabbing can alter the healing process.

If you’re in the San Diego Area, look up my girl.  Follow her on IG at @BrowsByBinx or inquire at

xo, the mrs.



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