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RiSE Festival 2016


This past weekend,  we attended the RiSE Festival outside of Las Vegas, Nevada with some of my family members. The festival was held at Moapa, an Indian Reservation, which is sacred Indian grounds in the middle of the desert.  When we got there it was BLAZING hot. The sun was beating down on us & it didn’t help that we had to walk about a mile from where we parked to where the festival was held at.

After going through “check in”, we got our necessities for the night. Each person gets a bamboo mat, two lanterns, & a pen.  So in total, Erick & I had two bamboo mats, 4 lanterns, & two pens.  Erick & I, my family (5), & Fred’s cousins (about 9)… we took about 5-6 tiki torches and had a good amount of space ” to ourselves” and 32 lanterns to fly.

On lantern #1, I wrote a paragraph of what I would hope to achieve as a person & a wife, things that Erick & I will strive to protect and things that we need to let go that affect our marriage along with our self being. On the other side, we listed the people who has passed and we dedicate it to them.  Lantern #2 was a Masonic dedication, courtesy of Erick of course. Lantern #3, we traced our left hands, put our wedding date, and i wrote #KeepingUpWithTheCastill0s with our name and a little stick figure portrait… which by the way was recorded by RiSE Media.  So I’m hoping it makes it to the RiSE trailer for next years event hehehe. For our last lantern, Erick wrote a few wishes. I can’t remember what i wrote on there… but i guess i just wrote random stuff since i cant remember what it was.

As I looked around what everyone around us was writing… I felt so inspired and my heart was so touched. I felt everyone’s pain, happiness, hope, dreams, & admiration.

Getting ready to launch our first lantern, there was so many emotions running through me. The lantern we launched was in honor of those who have passed. Since my grandpa had just passed this past week, I felt all emotions coming back. But I remembered, we are doing this in remeberence of him. We also listed Jon, JayJay, Pepper, Diese, & Maurice.  Once we let go of our lantern and looked around, it was the most amazing and breath taking experience EVER! There are litterally no words to describe the feeling you get once you launch your lantern and being surrounded by all these lanterns.

This experience is definitely in the books and I would LOVE to continue to go every year! All the waiting in the blazing heat makes up for that magically moment. I’m still on a RiSE high, I cannot wait for next year.

xo, the mrs


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