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Secrets St. James at Montego Bay, Jamaica

For our “semi mid year” vacation, We spent 8 days & 7 nights at Secrets St. James in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Secrets St. James is another all adults and all inclusive resort. Our resort was literally next door to Secrets Wild Orchid, so all the restaurants, stores, & pools were shared between the two resorts.

floaty beds pool side with the swim up bar

There are plenty of bars inside and outside the resort that you can go to.  There’s one called “The Piano Bar” and they hold the top shelf bottles there.  Also, around 9pm they have the piano bar karaoke to sing along which is fun. The pools were amazing and had a few of them had a swim up bar. There were also floaty pool beds to lay in. If you didn’t want to get into the pool, just a few steps from it is the beach! The beach was the clearest and warmest beach, EVER! With both the beach and pool for use, the employees at the resort will come walk around and take your drink order and bring it to you, just like Secrets The Vine in Cancun.

Our mobile jerk chicken

This Secrets had an edge in comparison to Secrets The Vine. At Secrets St James & Wild Orchid, there will always be a Jerk Chicken Guy & the Coconut Man! Both will walk around the resort with a jerk chicken cart / coconuts. Those are included with the Resort, but of course, we tipped every time we got coconuts and jerk chicken. If you finish your coconut and the coconut is still around you, he will slice it open for you, so you can eat the coconut meat inside. The jerk chicken guy is usually two people: one in the am (like lunch time) and one in the pm til early mornings of dawn lol. The jerk chicken is THEE best thing in the world! I crave it always.

There were a few restaurants to have dinner ranging from Jamaican, Japanese, Mexican, French, & Italian. One night there was a seafood buffet, so Jamaican and Mexican were not an option of choice. Breakfast was always served at “World Cafe” and there were many to choose from. They had a section of traditional Jamaican breakfast food, omelet station, fruits, bagels, toast,  cheese platter, and freshly squeezed juice that ranged from cantaloupe to guava. The resort serves food that is available on the island, locally grown, & easily accessible. There are some fruits that the island does not have, such as mangoes.

Around the resort, there are activities during the day and at night. After dinner, Erick and I attend whatever entertainment they have for the night. One night they had a Bob Marley night, another one it was game night, lots of live entertainment as well. Beach and water activists vary. Anything that doesn’t involve a motor, like SUP or kayaking, is available for use for free with no extra payment. Jet skiing or parasailing would be one of the activities you would have to pay for.

The resort has 24 hour room service, but because the resort isn’t a high rise and it’s spread out, room service takes a little long. It’s suggested to order about an hour you may think you’ll get hungry lol. Erick has fallen asleep a few times waiting for room service. I do, however, give them props because they gotta walk back in forth between two resorts and they carry the trays on their head! To make it more impressive, they’re doing this in full uniform aka… Long sleeve button up that looks a bit thick and in the HUMIDITY! The humidity in Jamaica is NO JOKE.

Everyone we crossed paths with are so talented, friendly, & welcoming! Living at the resort for that amount of time, you see the same employees at the resort and you get to know their story and where they came from. All are so humble & so much respect. Their vibes attracted our tribe haha. Definitely would love to go back! (:

Until then…

xo, the mrs.



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