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8 Helpful Tips for RiSE Festival


Going to my first Rise Festival I now know how to better be prepared for next time. For all you (if there is anyone that actually reads this lol), some helpful tips if you ever decide to attend next years RiSE Festival.

  1. Wear something you don’t mind getting dusty/dirty: 

    The event is held in the middle of the desert, so dust will be more than present during the day.  Wear something you will be comfortable in and wont mind getting dusty or dirty. During the event, I saw girls wear dresses, short shorts, heels, wedges, anything you can think.  I wore leggings, boyfriend tee, a hat, & a pair of converse, while my cousins wore shorts and a light long sleeve for when it cools.

  2. Wear comfortable shoes:

    From the parking area to the venue is about a mile walk, so wear comfortable shoes. There are rocks in all sizes where you can easily twist your ankle in a weird way, especially at night when walking back to your car.  The trail is not lit as well since its all generated by portable lights & the crowds are bigger than coming into the venue.

  3. Bring a backpack: 

    Per RiSE’s website, no big bags, blankets, strollers, chairs, and pillows are allowed into the venue, but small bags & backpacks are allowed. Having a back up will help carry your belongings, extra clothes if you want to change from shorts to pants, or even carry water bottles. No outside food or beverages are permitted inside the venue and event, however, bottled water is allowed.

  4. Carry cash:

    I failed to remember that the festival is in the middle of the desert and there will be poor to no reception. The event has food trucks all over the place & some offer cards, but with my luck, their device couldn’t get a signal. I suggest bringing about 60$ cash for food and drinks. Alcohol beverages are also sold during the event.

  5. Stay protected:

    to beat the traffic from Las Vegas to Mopa, we got there just when the doors to the event opened. Since it is in the desert and the sun is basically at its peak, don’t forget to apply sunblock &/or wear a hat. We also used one of our extra mats and hung it on the torch and made a make shift shade to protect ourselves from the sun. They ended up saying annocement not to do that, but luckily it was during golden hour.

  6. RiSE photo tip:

    upon entering the staging area, the infamous “RiSE” letters are at the front along with a long line to take pictures with it. A great photo tip is to go behind the sign and take a picture with whomever you are with and just flip or “mirror” the picture. It’s better than waiting in line and less people or NO ONE in the back of your picture with the sign. Timing is also needed  to make sure no one is in your picture, as you can see from the picture in this post. Lol. Given, you won’t be able to take a picture on top or in the letters, standing in front of it is as good as it will get.

  7. Protect your phone:

    Since you’ll be in a dusty area, keep your phone in a ziplock bag. It’ll protect your phone from dust getting into its cracks and you’ll still be able to use it while it, so no need to take it in and out of the bag.

  8. Chase after your lantern:

    some people, me included, failed to actually think that the lantern was ready for flight LOL. If you let the lantern go, be kind and chase after it and yell to the person it may hit. It can get a little chaotic and funny, but in all safety… it’s nice to help a person out. Or even if you see a lantern with premature flight, help prep it for flight for the person who let it go a little too early. It happens, but it will eventually get the air it needs.

Those are a few tips that I can think of. Hopefully someone will find this beneficial (:

xo, the mrs.




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