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MLB All Star Week

I am SOOOO late on the post & it has been sitting in my draft since “July 12th” haha. Bleh. Anyways… I have NOOO idea how to start this blog… so ill just start by day and the activities we did during the weekend  🙂

If there is E V E R an event in your town, neighborhood, city… or even just a short drive… i suggest you go and live it up.  I am so big on experiences, and im glad we got to experience MLB All Star Week here in San Diego.

MLB All Star Concert

Tori Kelly at All Star Summer Concert

A few weeks before MLB weekend, free tickets were for grabs online for three different concerts.  I was lucky enough to get three tickets to Tori Kelly for Erick, Erielle, & myself.  I tried to get tickets to Gwen Stefani & Eve, but those were gone in a heart beat! Tori Kelly’s concert was Saturday July 9th, 2016 at 12pm on South Embarcadero behind the convention center.

The concert space was so spacious and it was right by the water. There were seats closer to the stage for “VIP” and then there were amphitheater type seating as well, but we just sat on the grass next and mellowed out in the SD heat. Given, Erick was playing PokemonGo during the concert… but it was nice to just chill and relax to Tori Kelly.  Erielle wasn’t able to join us since Thanksgiving was around the corner… but we made the best of it.

Tori Kelly is AMAZING live! She has one of thee most beautiful voices i have ever heard. I’m so bummed Erielle had to miss it. I knew how much she wanted to see her perform and meet her. 😦 hopefully next time.

MLB Fan Fest

After the concert, we walked over to the convention center to hit up fan fest.  We saved a few bucks because of military pricing and thank goodness we waited to get tickets.  I was going to purchase online, but with all the fees and taxes… our tickets would be about $60. LUCKILY, we waited and got both our fan fest tickets for $24.

There was so much stuff inside Fan Fest, I was literally in a complete AWE! There were so many things to see, activities to do, and definitely a lot of walking. There were activities to do such as participating in home runs, stealing bases, getting your picture taken into a baseball card (which we did by the way lol), picture as sports anchors, or getting a 360 view of hitting a baseball… there was just so much stuff!

MLB Color Run All Star 5k

Erick & I have ran 2 Color Runs in the past, and last year we said it would be our last one, but of course… i found out that there was an All Star Color Run, I just HAD to sign us up. lol.  I initially signed up myself, Erick, & Erielle, but because Erielle was in Riverside prepping for Thanksgiving, i sold her bib to a friend of mine.

This course was one of the better course in the last few years!  It started off at the Waterfront Park in Downtown and ended at the same place.  The course went through Seaport Village, Convention Center, & a few streets of Downtown San Diego. So much better than just running around Qualcomm Stadium. The Color Run After Party was a lot of fun also.  OxiClean was there handing out cool towels to wipe yourself down, MLB Mascots were there as well and there were plenty of places and things to do around the water front.

MLB Block Party

Gaslamp, which is part of a section in Downtown San Diego, was blocked off an a 2-3 block radius from Petco Park. At the Block Party, there were vendors, food, activities, and FREE stuff. Before we went inside the park for the “double header” entertainment, we grabbed some Hard Rootbeer from the “Best Damn Rootbeer” section. We walked around and got free towels and items which were cool. Everyone is wearing their favorite baseball team,  which was nice to see how diverse San Diego is… but I’m sure there are some travelers for the weekend also. After the MLB Block party, we went to Petco Park to watch the All-Star Futures Games, & All-Star Legends & Celebrity game.

The whole weekend was so fun and there is so much things to do throughout the whole long weekend.  If any “All-Star” event for any sport were to come to San Diego, you can catch me there! 😛

xo, the mrs.


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