Keeping Up With the Castillo's

Wedding cake

Erick and I weren’t able to eat our wedding cake the day of our anniversary since we were in Kauai. I was pretty bummed that we couldn’t eat it on our actual wedding day, but of course I eventually got over it. I defrosted our cake Sunday and we each had a small slice of our 3 layer cake last week Monday night. 

Overall, it was weird eating the cake LOL. I personally don’t like cake but I wanted to do the whole “one year wedding cake” tradition. I wanted to throw the cake away, but for some reason, Erick wants to save it for next year. That cake will be gone & in the trash and I’m sure he won’t even notice LOL. 

I uploaded the video of us eating our cake. I cannot stop laughing at Erick’s face as he eats the cake where as my face it’s questionable. 


xo, the mrs. 

Vimeo: wedding cake  


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