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Kauai, Hawaii

For our one year wedding anniversary, we vacationed to Kauai, Hawaii, which is one of our favorite places to vacation too. We have gone on vacation to a few places, but Kauai is our go-to when we want to relax and enjoy the island life.

I have family in Kauai so its also easier and cheaper for us to vacation there. When we touch down, one of my cousins lends me their car for the time we are there, and we have a house in Princeville all to ourselves that my aunt always reserves for us so we can have our own space.  My family are located all over the island, but majority are in Kilauea & Kapaa.

The day we landed in Kauai, we spent time with my family and got ready for our God Daughters baptism in at an Episcopal church in  Lihue. It was warm up until about 430, it got pretty chilly in Lihue, and even drizzled during the baptism outside, but overall, it was a beautiful ceremony.  The priest was very aloha, and i mean aloha in a way where he was barefooted and had just tan shorts wit his back shirt and white little square collar. He did however, where his little church attire during the ceremony, but of course, with no shoes lol. i love it!  Towards the end of the ceremony, the priest even gave us a wedding anniversary.  It was a little awkward since the priest gave the sign of the cross on Erick’s forehead, and hes not at all Catholic, or that type of Christian to receive something like that. But we ended up laughing and giggling right after. We’re just blessed to have another God-child to care and guide for no matter the difference in religion he and I share with everyone else. After the ceremony, we drove to Kilauea for Kelsey’s baptism/ welcome home to me and Erick dinner with the family.

The following day, we had breakfast at Wake Up Cafe Hanalei that is located in Hanalei off the highway next too the shopping center by Big Save.  Erick loves eating there for breakfast.  Its a nice little place for breakfast, and they only accept cash. After breakfast, we walked to Big Save to see my uncle and made dinner plans for the night, then headed back to Princeville to go on a little hike to Queen’s Bath.

Queens Bath is a tide pool, but not recommended to go swimming or get in at all since its known to kill and drown people. Its a dangerous place since the tides can become rough and the rocks are sparse, so the swimmer wouldnt know where to go and will be tossed around like it was nothing. Its pretty scary. The hike down was pretty easy, yet rough cause all i had on were locals, but I did it and i m known to be clumsy haha. It was definitely a sight to see. We spent some time at Queen’s Bath, taking some good photos of Erick in his little pose. Erick wanted to venture more out into the rocks, but being the fearful wife, i told him to be careful and i stayed put in a safe place. We hiked back up to the car and headed home to get ready for the beach.  We spent the rest of our day at Hanalei Bay with our poke bowls & spam musubi’s from Foodland.


Erick found this drift wood in Hanalei that he would not want to let go, so we ended up taking it with us and throughout our whole stay in Kauai, he brought it with him, AND shipped it back to our house -_- His attachment to the drift wood was no joke!  We had happy hour at my cousins work at Lava Lava then dinner at my uncle’s place in Kapaa to spend time with my family.

Monday was our official wedding anniversary so we planned most of the day to spend by ourselves, but we did make plans to have breakfast with my cousins at Tip Top Cafe. On the way there, i forgot they were closed on Mondays! I was so bummed!!! Their pancakes are HEAVEN! We decided last minute to head to Lihue and have breakfast at Dani’s restaurant and we ended up running to our aunt who was working.  The restaurant was pretty busy, so we only said hi on our way out.We said our goodbyes for the day and Erick drove to west side to beach it up at Brennecke’s in Poipu. We had thee whole beach to ourselves which was nice! Bernnecke’s a popular beach to do some snorkeling! The last time we were there, i snorkeled with 2 honu’s (sea turtles) that were catching some waves and they were as big as me! it was CRAZY!!!! this time around, there weren’t any honu’s, and the waves were a little rough, but i did get some sun in and i played in the water a bit.  We headed back to Hanalei to get some shaved ice at Wishing Well before we went home to rest for dinner.

I had made reservations to eat at St Regis, but to be a little cost effective, we decided to cancel our reservations and go to Kintaro’s for dinner. Kintaro’s is a sushi spot in Kapaa that is delish that everyone goes too! When we got there there was no parking and there were people were waiting outside for their table.  So we just decided not to even try and attempt to find parking and wait for a table. We ended up at Bushido Sushi on the opposite side of Kapaa, across the street from to the ABC store.

What I loved about our dinner was reflecting on our first year as a married couple and we learned and hope to achieve in the next year.  Thankfully, we had a lot more ups than down’s in our first year of marriage, and we both know that every year as time goes on, it wont always be like that. After dinner, we walked to the ABC store to look around, but looking around ended up buying almost 200 dollars worth of stuff for fun. LOL. ehh, it happens. hahaha.

Tuesday, I got us breakfast at Foodland aka poke bowls and got ready for a road trip to Kokee & Waimea Canyon! Of course, Erick fell asleep thee whole way there and wanted to drive since “my driving makes him nauseated.” whatever…  LOL. We stopped a long the way to each look out and played with the roosters that were at each look out.  One even tried to follow and attack me since i called him “HeiHei” like Moana. LOL. The views were amazing, and it was a nice little road trip to Waimea since i havent been in over 9-10 years! I usually go with my family and we have a picnic there, but since Erick has never been, i decided to take him on that little road trip to the other side of the island. We had lunch at Shrimp Station at Kapaa and we hung out at home until it was time to have dinner with my family in Lihue at Garden Island.  My family was running late to dinner, so we walked across the street to have a few beers at Kauai Beer, but by the time they got to the restaurant, I was pretty buzzed. My cousins fiance wanted to go Karaoke after dinner, so that’s what we did. True local style – liquid courage, a microphone, and the words for you to sing lol.

Our last full day in Kauai, I got a mani-pedi with my cousin and we headed to Lydgate beach to spend some nice QT with the family.  By the time it hit around 2230-3pm, we decided to get food at Pono Market and dessert at Wailua Shave Ice which is literally next door to Pono Market. It was nice catching up with my cousins and their man and seeing what their future holds.  With everything said and done, the rest of our day was spent with family and everyone is so excited for us to come back in July.

Couting down the days until we are back in Kauai with Erielle for our God-Daughters 1st birthday and to be reunited with family again.

xo, the mrs



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