gratitude · Keeping Up With the Castillo's

Day 2

  1. Started a book today and already half way through it. 
  2. The comfort of laying in my husband’s arms after a L O N G day at work. 
  3. The cheerful greetings I come home to after work by Loki, Mr. Owls, & Koda. 

My first full day social media free was an amazing one! Throughout the day at work, I would stop and pick up my phone as if I’m going to check any updates on IG or Snap, but I would remember I don’t have accessible so I would put my phone down. I started walking again during my breaks & even picked a book to read during lunch.

It’s a nice free brain space; not having to look at what other people are doing/posting. Absolutely living my life in the ‘now,’ but of course it does make me wonder what everyone else is doing LOL. It is only day 1 social media free, & im sure I’ll break out of that curiosity. If I can do it with Facebook (especially being almost a year without it) I can do it with any social media outlets! Or at least learn to limit its use. 

xo, the mrs


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