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Day 3 & My Eyes Are Swollen

  1. Witnessing strangers trying to save a baby duckling on 2nd & Oakdale during rush hour this morning. The baby duck was reunited with the mama duck!
  2. My dogs are alive. 
  3. The sympathetic people at VCA animal medical center.  

Today started off as a good day from AM til work. Once I got home, I noticed the garage door still open but I remembered Erick had just pulled up. As I walked the door the first thing I see is blood everywhere and the I hear, “They got into a fight!”

I dropped my bag on the couch and I see Mr. Owls laying by the bathroom covered in blood, Koda laying by the dining table with his right eye basically shut, & thankfully Loki unharmed. I immediately started bawling my eyes, in shock, and trying to comprehend what erick just said to me.

I looked around and there was blood EVERYWHERE! From the bathroom door, the fireplace, the garage door, pool of blood in the living room, spots of blood everywhere up until the kitchen, unless erick had just cleaned it up as I was getting home. 

I dropped to my knees, covering my face, crying hysterically unsure what to do next. I kept saying “I didn’t want this!” & “Why are you guys fighting?!” Erick needed me to help him clean and care for them both, so I did my best to help him as I was crying. In comparison to me and erick, he is more level headed when it comes to trauma. Me on the other hand, typical human being in shock. 

I tried my best to show affection to my dogs, but inside, I was hurting. I was in so much pain & felt so helpless. I didn’t know how to make them feel better. Mr. Owls wouldn’t stop shaking, he couldn’t walk, & he was bleeding from his wounds. Koda was limping & to himself. I just sat there and cried while Erick repeated “at least they are both alive!” 

I eventually convinced Erick to take them to the animal hospital down the street. I mean, I pay their pet insurance for a reason! But, whether or not they had insurance or their pet insurance pays for their services, I would bring them in regardless the situation. They are my babies!
Everyone at the animal hospital were very nice and very sympathetic. I cuddled with Mr. Owls to help him stop shaking and I rubbed Koda’s head and belly to make him feel at ease. The doctor cared and assed both Mr. Owls & Koda and gave us our options. After getting cleaned up and stitched up, Koda will be able to come home with medication and constant care for his wounds. As for Mr. Owls, he is staying overnight to be watched. They are getting X-rays to see if there are any broken bones, they are flushing out his wounds, giving him antibiotics & fluids, and also being put under anesthesia. 

As I sat in the exam room and watched my dogs in pain, I just kept telling myself, “at least they are alive.” I know I may be over dramatic at times, but being that I don’t have kids; these dogs ARE MY KIDS. 

Life happens unexpectedly and I hope and pray they will both be ok. I cannot wait to pick them up at the hospital.  

xo, the mrs


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