gratitude · Keeping Up With the Castillo's

Day 4

  1. Mr Owls was released from the hospital ❤
  2. The close relationship I have with my brother and sister in law, jen & junior. 
  3. Being able pay for Koda & Owls 2k hospital bill without any financial worry.

It was a rough day day for me at work, but I got through it. I basically isolated myself at my desk with my headphones on. All in all, Mr. Owls was able to come home today and didn’t need another night at the hospital. One third of his body is severely injured and we won’t know if he has nerve damage until the swelling on his legs & paws goes down. 

Aside from the lacerations on his face, they gave him a cute mohawk that I’m digging ❤ Also, Jen and Junior came over for dinner & we turned over Koda’s care to them. I’ll miss Koda being here and his warm cuddles, but we know it’s for the best… especially the history Koda and Owls has. 

Praying for more continued better days with our dogs. 

xo, the mrs


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