gratitude · Keeping Up With the Castillo's

Day 5

  1. The ecstatic happy feeling when Mr Owls finally went poop. 🤗
  2. The Spring heat that feels like summer. 
  3. Warm cuddles with my baby Owls.  

Last night at about 130-2am erick and I woke up to Mr. Owls crying. It felt like we were newborn parents trying to figure out why they are crying and how do we stop it. It took about 10-15 minutes of trying to figure out what to do until we decided to take him out to pee. Carrying a 42 pound dog down the stairs barely waking up is a task, but in all, Mr Owls was crying because he needed to pee… a lot! 

But the topper of the day, Mr Owls FINALLY went poo! It had been 29+ hours since he’s gone poop. I told erick that if he doesn’t poop by tomorrow at 10a, I was going to call the vet. Thankfully after a small little limpy walk down and around the street helped Mr. Owls GO! The feeling of finally seeing him poop was such a stress relief! 

Oh my life as a dog mom ❤

xo, the mrs


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