gratitude · Keeping Up With the Castillo's

Day 10

  1. No more cone of shame for Mr. Owls
  2. Mr. Owls’ doctor, Dr. Savides. 
  3. Pure happiness from Mr. Owls

Mr. Owls at his follow up appointment

It has been exactly one week since Owls & Koda got into a fight. I had scheduled a follow up appointment for Mr. Owls with his doctor, Dr. Savides. She said that he looks really good and healed very nice that she was even surprised. She said the cone can come off as long as he’s not licking his wounds since not all are not fully healed. She also said I can finally give him a bath! I had given owls a rag bath Saturday but def excited a full bath is now an option! 

I’m so grateful for Owls’ Doctor and her care for him. She definetly has soothed my heart and Mr. Owls’. 

xo, the mrs


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