gratitude · Keeping Up With the Castillo's

Day 11

  1. Grateful for my Gayda cousins and the relationship with have with each other. 
  2. Grateful for new beginnings. 
  3. Grateful for bittersweet “see you later”

I’m a little late on my day 11 of gratitude but i definetly have a good reason, lol! Yesterday after work, erick and I headed to NTC’s Stone Brewery for Atee Holly & Gene’s bon voyage. Such a bittersweet feeling spending time with my cousins + friends and sending them off to D.C.! 

We’re such a tight close family that goodbyes are so hard for us, even though we know we’ll be seeing each other again. Atee holly is even flying back once a month for work so it’s kinda like she’ll still be here, but knowing that they are on the other side of the country instead in Marina Del Rey is a big difference. 

I’m glad erick and I were able to send Gene & Atee Holly off early this morning with well wishes, love, & congrats. I’m so proud of them and their new chapter. I can’t wait to visit & so tourist things with them in the east coast. 

xo, the mrs 


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