Keeping Up With the Castillo's

A hui hou

With Uncle Stu & Auntie Elsie on our wedding day
With a heavy heart, my aunt lost her battle with stage 4 breast cancer. She was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer about 2 years ago & this past Thursday she was admitted for pneumonia. When her oncologist saw her, they only have her a few days to live. They were right. On Saturday May 6, 2017 at 5:35am she passed away. 

After receiving the news, Erick and I debated Friday night if we should leave San Diego now and make the 6 hour drive to Arizona or leave Saturday morning. Everyone was already making plans, but I got the news later than everyone else. My family in San Diego left for Arizona Friday morning, my family in LA & Fontana left Friday late late night after Krista’s graduation party which they were all at. 

I made the executive decision to just stay home Friday and plan again when we wake up. Wrong choice. I woke up to text messages and phone calls with the news that my aunt had passed away. Everyone on their way to AZ were still on the road when she died.  

It struck a cord in me and it took a while for everything to hit me. We cancelled our birthday party at our place and I just wanted to drink and not socialize with anyone. Given… we had Neil come down from LA, so we just met up with him to drink… for 8 hours 😧😂. I definetly need it!

When it comes to my family, we come together in a time of need. Everyone dropped everything and went to AZ. Something I should’ve done, to be around family. But I know… I need my space when news like that hit. And I’m thankful for Erick for understanding. 

Auntie Elsie, you will be missed by everyone, so much! You are no longer in pain & suffering. You are finally reunited with Big Mommy, Auntie Villa, & Tatay. Until we meet again. I love you! -JenJen


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