Keeping Up With the Castillo's

Our New Normal

It’s been a rough month – month and half, maybe almost 2 months, of our new normal. Erick has been stressed from work & I’ve been trying to pick up my slack of ‘wifely’ duties. Erick started to pout in his over time hours since his job has been kicking his ass lately.

Trying to adjust to a new normal is so much harder now than it has been in the last couple years. Trying to see what works for us and what doesn’t, trying to juggle laundry, folding laundry, feeding the dogs, cooking dinner, washing the dishes, prepping lunch, cleaning the house, trying to find time for the gym, and most of all, trying to find time for US  is so much harder now than has been. At the end of work day, we are BOTH exhausted and we get at each others throats… i take that back, more me than him lol. But I always remember how much hes providing for us and i step back. Trying to get into a new flow is definitely a work and progress, and i am the type of person who needs a routine to stick too. I have to remember that sh*t happens, and i need to adjust my sails and ride with it instead of throwing a fit.

As the weeks have gone by, i am slowly incing my way back into a routine that Erick and i can get used too. i have yet to incorporate going to the gym, but as long as were getting fed and making time for the both of us, that’s all that matters to me and to us right now.  I am hoping to make my way into the gym… slowly but surely.

Hoping & praying our new normal will continue and help erick, myself, & our future. Cheers to this new blessing!

xo, the mrs


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