Keeping Up With the Castillo's


img_8498I am officially certified as a YUMILash technician as of May 27, 2017!!! In late march, I had the oppurtitny to book my spot for their next available training class & surpringsly I was able to reserve it. The class was pretty expensive, so of course I had to ask erick if it’s ok to spend that amount of money. He said yeah, but I would have to pay it back. Easy peasy right? Gosh, I hope so! LOL. Knowing me, I’m the type of person who wants to do everything and try everything to see if I like it. I mean, I even took a bar tending class that erick paid for and I went nowhere with it LOL.

ANYWAAAAYYYSSS…. I enjoyed the class & was able to work on two models to practice the treatment and yesterday I had my very first client!!! I’m so proud of myself and definetly can see myself doing this on the side for a very long time.

I turned our office into MY personal office space and lash room. I redecorated and purchased my supplies for the room as well. I hope to rearrange and buy more items for the room and swap out furniture, but as of now, I like the way it is and can only hope and pray for the best!

More details on YUMILashes on my next blog post (((:

YUMILashes Certification Class May 27, 2017



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