My [10] Step Korean Skin Care

Left: my skin before / right: how my skin looks now //// both photos WITHOUT foundation or BB cream

In the last year, I’ve seen seen my primary care doctor and a derematologist on and off to see what kind of skin condition i have; slight eczema & seborrheic dermatitis on my face, chest, & arms.  I was prescribed 2% hydrocortisone, and two other Rx to help with the reddness, itchiness, & dryness. I didn’t want to be hung on ‘western medicine’ so I looked for other alternatives to help with my skin issue.

After my first initial appointment June 2016, I continued my usual skincare routine: clearsil & lotion. A year later, my skin had become oily skin during the day and by the time it around 3pm I had dry flaky skin. I also had itchy red irritation and I couldn’t get rid of it. I saw my doctor again and that’s when I was prescribed hydrocortisone until I can see a dermatologist. After my dermatologist I got the other 2 Rx.

In March I decided to try something different & something that’s becoming a thing in the US: the 10 step Korean skin care routine. I was determined to get my skin irritation under control & not be dependent on western meds. I don’t like taking medicine in general, why put it on my face. ANYWAYS, I went all out on Amazon and bought 200$+ worth of skincare, and must I say, erick wasn’t too happy… but ya know what… IT WAS WORTH IT! LOL… given I may have gone overboard and bought other stuff but still haha….

Fast forward 3 months later, I’ve been on my Korean skin care routine religiously and my skin has CLEARED UP! It’s a miracle LOL. Absolutely love how my face is no longer itchy, no more redness, no more seborrheic dermatitis on my face… it’s all cleared up!

With that said… I shall share MY morning & night skin care routine, with y’all! (:

Step 1: Oil Base Cleanser

img_9215An oil base cleanser helps remove make up, sunscreen, & oils produced by your pores. I absolutely LOVE this first step because of how oily my face gets at the end of the night. When i wash the product off my face, you can see all how much dirt, make up, and all of that gunk on your face go away.  I also love this step because i feel it takes sooo much more make up off my face than a make up remover wipe. When I first bought my skincare haul, I purchased Banila Co Clean It Zero with the Pink top. I’ve read reviews and i thought id give it a try. I liked it, but it wasn’t fit for my skin type, so once i finished it off, I bought the green type for sensitive skin “Purity”.  It works SOOO much better for my skin and it smells amazing too. Very different than the pink top.

For my skin care routine, I only use this product at night. I feel an oil base cleaner isn’t needed for me in the morning.

Step 2: Water Base Cleanser

img_9214A water base cleanser helps remove sweat, dirt, and any leftover residue from the first step.  I  love the feeling of water base cleanser after the oil base. you definitely feel the cleanliness on your face after both steps. It seems a bit redundant with the double cleanser, but it definitely makes a big difference. I initially bought the Neogen’s Blueberry Fresh Foam Cleaner, and LOVED it. Since finishing the product, I am not currently trying Neogen’s Green Tea Fresh Foam Cleanser and i love this too! The Blueberry foam cleanser had real blueberries in the bottle and it was good for hydration. The Green Tea has fermented green tea extract to brighten and hydrate skin and its great for oily skin like mine.  It also gently removes impurities such as sweat and dirt from the skin without stripping your own natural oils. I personally like the green tea better since it fits my skin type, however blueberry is just as good.

img_9225Another cleanser i’m using is SU:M37’s Mircle Rose Cleansing Stick.  For this product, after i wash the Banila off my face, i use this stick and put it around my face. This product has a milky feeling and feels AMAZING! it has real rose petals in the stick so rubbing it on my face makes it feel really good! i have no other words to describe it. Once its on my face, i just massage the product for a few minutes so my pores can absorb everything, and I wash it off.

When it comes to my morning and night skin care routine, I specifically use SU:M37  at night.  I use more of the Neogen foam in the morning when I’m in the shower since i don’t need to use the oil base cleanser in the morning.

Step 3: Exfoliate

Exfoliating your face helps remove dead skin cells and helps unclog our pores. Removing a dull layer of cells helps brighten your skin 🙂  I don’t do this step on a daily basis, but depending on what product i use i exfoliate my face once a week, every other week, or every other month. For example, Skin Food’s Rice Mask Wash off, i use once a week on a Wednesday as a mid week exfoliate. For a bi-weekly exfoliate, I use Elizavecca’s bubble clay mask. and its good for all skin types especially oily skin. It helps deep clean your pores and the bubblyness of the clay is fun to watch, however, this product is hard to wash off and takes time. Last but not less, another example of an exfoliate i use is, Elizaveeca’s Hell Pore Mask, and i do that once a month. usually towards the end of the mont/beggining of the month. The mask helps clear out your pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. This is probably one of my favorite exfoliates to do and i always look forward to it every month.

Step 4: Toner

img_9216The use of toner is to help hydrate and balance your pH levels on your face hydrates, since you basically beat the crap out of it LOL. i love this step and i love how the toner feels on my skin after the steps before this. I use Innisfree’ Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner.  This product has Jeju volocanic scoria to remove excess sebum. Sebum meaning oils on your face. When i first used this product, i used a cotton pad… but now.. i just shake the bottle (which you have too because of the volcano particles) and  i pore it in the palm of my hand and let my face absorb all of it. Ugh, i love this step so much! LOL.  Once you do this step, you might know the feels i get for this hahaha.

 Step 5: Essence

img_9217Essence is almost just as the same as toner. It helps hydrate your face.  When i first initially bought my skincare products, i didn’t care for the essence.  However, about a month into, i decided to try MISSHA’s First Treatment Essence Mist.  The reason being, after a month of my skin care routine, i saw change, but not a whole lot. My face wasn’t as oily, my redness & irritation had gone down to almost nothing, but my face was still very very dry & flaky.  I bought a mist so i can carry it around with me in my bag if i needed too. Once i started using the Essence Mist, my face was no longer dry and flaky but very HYDRATED!  I use this step every single time after toner and it definitely hydrates your face. i love the feeling of it and i love how i can carry it with me if i need it. I love it so much, i bought one for home & one to keep in my bag. (i’ve become a crazy skincare freak haha)

Step 6: Serum/ Ampoules

img_9218This step is to help treat the area you are most concerned such as dull skin, large pores, pigmentation, acne, redness, etc. This part are more concentrated essences so its very very thick compared to essence.  When i first started my skincare routine, i bought Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum. This product is great for sensitive skin, fade brown spots, brighten and even skin tones, and a great  for anti aging protection.  It didn’t work for me… at all. It irritated my skin, but i wanted to try it and make it work so bad… i eventually gave up and got Skin&Lab’s Red Serum. This specific serum helps reduce redness. Once I got my hands on it i put this on RELIGIOUSLY! It directs you only put it during night time routine but because I had so much redness, I doubled up! I actually only use this product at night.

Step 7: Sheet Masks

This step i use at night since there is more time allowed for it. The sheet masks i use vary, but i REALLY love the Innisfree masks. I get my masks off Amazon Prime since its a better deal.  I actually bought bought Innisfree & Tony Moly on Amazon, but i think i get better hydration results with Innisfree.  I feel Tony Moly is more of the “western trend” because of the packaging. This step is more of a hydration and isn’t needed everyday.  I put this in my routine at least once every week or every two weeks. I  love using it because i can put the serum from the packaging all over my neck ad where ever i please to bring in more skin moisture.  I usually try to combine this step when i want to do a nose pore strip.  The two brands of nose pore strip that i swear on is by Elizvecca & Holika Holika, the one with the chicken. Using the sheet masks after the nose strips helps bring in hydration after ripping out your pores.  But what i also like about the Korean nose strips vs the American nose strips, is the 3 step process. Using the Korean 3 step nose strip process helps prop your pores for removal, vs just yanking them out.

Step 8: Face cream


I LOVE this face cream! i actually only wear this during my morning routine. I do this routine after i apply my MISSHA’s First Treatment Essence Mist. This step helps lock in my skins moisture and keeps my skin hydrated.  It also helps AGING and i know I’m trying to prevent my beautiful face from aging haha.

This specific product promotes immediate and long term moisture even for sensitive skin like myself.  It has yeast-derived beta glucan, jojoba oil, and creamides to help strengthen your skins protective barrier, rescue dry & irritated skin, while improving its natural cell repairing capabilities.

Step 9: SPF

img_0528I rarely use SPF, but after getting diagnosed with all this skin jargon, I apply MISSHA’s All Around Safe block Sebum Zero Sun SPF 50+ right after my face cream.  It has a light soft milky feeling and it doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy like most SPFs does. This SPF is specifically for your face and it is enriched with green tea & tea tree extracts that controls your sebum production.  What i also like about this facial SPF is that its so light, applying make up doesn’t make my skin look too cakey. i love the lightness it has and it somewhat gives a nice facial glow.

The only step that i did not mention in my routine is a night cream/ sleeping pack. I used to use apply Etude house’s Bubble Tea Sleeping pack, but i decided to remove it from my routine. The packaging is really cute & it looks like a boba where you squeeze the balls and apply it on your face along with the cream it comes with. The reason why i decided to remove it from my routine was because i felt that ending at step 6 was good enough. The hydration i had on my skin felt enough for me to use as a sleeping pack, given i didn’t do a face mask. I do however still have the product, but i don’t use it as my daily skin care ritual. But there you have it… my Korean Skin Care Routine that i religiously do every morning and night… leaving some products out between day and night of course. 🙂

xo, the mrs


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