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Erick and I have traveled quite a lot this year. We’ve been to Kauai in February & July as well as Kailua-Kona, Big Island in June. As much as i LOVE Hawaii & love going there, i’m a tad bit bummed we didn’t go out of country this year for an extended period of time, like we did Cancun & Jamaica last year. We used up [my] vacation days… and I  mean mine because Erick gets so much PTO and its really hard for me to accrue time off as fast he does.

Anyways, the PTO I had ‘saved’ for the Dominican Republic was used for Ryan & Jasmine’s wedding in Big island & for Kelsey’s 1st birthday in Kauai.  The reason why i put “saved” in parenthesis is because initially Ryan and Jasmine were going to get married next year 2018, but had it bummed up to this year because of their venue.  Which by the way, WAS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL… all caps. *insert laughing emoji*  i would have done the exact same thing if that was for me and Erick. Also, initially we weren’t going to go to Kelsey’s birthday, but because she IS our god daughter, i had to calculate time off for it. In the end, it all worked out for both the wedding & the birthday party. But still… still bummed about the Dominican Republic LOL. I know i know, i’ll survive.

With going to the islands of Hawai’i, Erick really wanted to do a trip out of country. He mentioned go back to Cancun or Jamaica… or attempt to go to Dominican Republic, but i had to remind him that my PTO isn’t like his. I mentioned Cabo San Lucas since it is only a 2 hour flight from San Diego and all i would need to take off is Friday or Monday, or even both.  With much discussion, we decided a quick weekend trip to Cabo San Lucas Oct 27-29th ; fly out 27th and fly back 29th. Its a very short trip, but I know Erick needs and DESERVES this trip for all the hard work he does.

I booked our round trip flights with Alaska Air last week, as well as our room at Secrets Los Cabos golf & spa resort since we’re UVC members. Initially we were gonna fly out of TJ, but with some research, the airlines we were going to fly is almost equivalent to Southwest; delays, cancellations, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it would’ve been nice to save a few hundred dollars, but because were only there for a weekend, we didn’t want to ‘waste’ our time at the airport waiting around. We would rather enjoy our time at the resort since its a short trip. We’re pretty excited for this trip coming up though. We don’t plan on doing any activities outside the resort, which is something we hardly do, but given our every day lifestyle… its very much needed to R E L A X.

After our weekend trip to Cabo, we have a 3 month gap of no travel, however, we have our B I G trip to Asia! I booked our flights & accommodations to Tokyo, Japan & Seoul, South Korea for TWO WEEKS in February! I even booked our tickets to watch an OLYMPIC EVENT!!! How exciting and amazing IS THAT?! I really wished we got tickets for the opening ceremony.  I’ve been stalking them since February of this year and still NOTHING! Overall, we are still very excited to attend an Olympic event at the least.

This will be our B I G trip and we are SO excited, yet also nervous.  Nervous in the sense we are leaving our home & dogs for two weeks, the events that are currently happening with North Korea, our attendance at the Olympics is even scarier & close to N.Korea… but in time, i’m sure things will die down. 6 months until our trip and i feel that it will get better as time goes on. (prayers up)

So far i havent done any itinerary work for our trip, but i have a few ideas and spots that i would like for us to visit and see. One being the Hachi statute in Shibuya, Shibuya crossing, Harajuku, Disney Sea, & Tokyo & Seoul Historic buildings. DMZ, a trip to Busan (hopefully if time permits) to name a few. I have done some research on things to do, what to prepare for, and what to pack.  I know i’m going to stock up on Korean care products though & I’m excited to try their food, street food, & desserts!

Other than Cabo, Tokyo, & Seoul, we have no other trips planned. A few weekend trips to Vegas, but that’s about it. as much as i love to travel, i also love being at home doing lazy things with my dogs.  Until next time peeps!

xo, the mrs




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