Keeping Up With the Castillo's


The last time I saw my grandpa was on May 8, 1986 – my 30th birthday. That day, erick and I spent my birthday hanging out with my grandpa. We just laughed and talk story. He kept asking for a great grandchild and that the next time he sees me, I need to be pregnant. He would tell me his story about his million pesos he has stashed in his house in the Philippines and that I need to recover it. When we’re together, all we do is laugh and talk story. 

Today, I got off the phone with my mom and she told me that my grandpa was moved to hospice care today. It broke my heart. I’ve always known he has been sick. He got really sick right before my wedding, so he wasn’t able to attend. But today… right now… it’s not looking too good 😦 my mom said that I have to prepare myself. He’s not eating much and they took him off his medication and is only on oxygen. 

My heart hurts. I need to prepare myself for the pain that will eventually come. All I ask is prayers. 

me & tatay on my 30th birthday

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